Terms and Conditions


General Advertising Policy

All contracts, insertion orders and copy are subject to the terms and conditions of the current rate card and approval of The Business Journals. Advertisers are subject to the copy and contract regulations of each Business Journal. Only publication of an advertisement shall constitute acceptance of the advertiser’s order. The Business Journals shall in no event be liable for failure to publish advertising when specified by the advertiser, provided that, if no advertising is published, any charges therefore received by The Business Journals shall be refunded. Advertising agencies are responsible for payment of all advertising ordered on behalf of their clients, but The Business Journals reserves the right to hold the agency and the advertiser jointly and severally liable for all such payments. The Business Journals reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to decline any advertising submitted by an advertiser.

Digital Advertising: The Business Journals adhere to the IAB Standard Terms & Conditions. The cancellation policy is 14 days except for sponsorships, which are non-cancelable.


Frequency Discount

Advertisers will be billed at the one-time rate unless a contract with a maximum length of 12 months has been signed for a specific frequency discount. Frequency discounts are determined by the total number of insertions run within a contract period. Each insertion counts toward the earned frequency discount, regardless of the size of the ad, the number of journals used or the number of insertions per journal. For example, advertisers qualify for the 15x rate in all three journals if they run 10 full pages in one journal, three islands in a second and two one-half pages in a third journal.


Local Rate or National Rate

Instances could exist where an advertiser is running a high frequency (typically 26X or more) of ads in a particular publication. In such instances, the local rate for the publication might be more favorable than the combined national rate. If this is the case, the advertiser is permitted to use the local rate for all insertions in the publication. The advertiser is eligible for national or local rates, depending on which is more favorable. However, the advertiser must choose either the national rate or the local rate, may not combine the two, and cannot combine local frequencies.


Color Rates

Color rates are non-commissionable. See individual publication listings for current color rates. Color rates are per page in addition to the applicable ad rate.


Fixed Positioning Costs

Positioning is non-commissionable. Fixed positioning is available at an additional 15 percent of net black & white space cost. All fixed positioning, including back cover, inside front cover and center spread are offered on an as-available basis. Contact your national sales representative for fixed positioning availability.


Closing and Publishing Dates

Most Business Journals are published weekly and issued on Friday or Monday. Closing date for space orders and materials is Tuesday, noon Eastern Standard Time, ten days prior to the issue date of Friday Business Journals and Friday, noon Eastern Standard Time, 11 days prior for Monday publications. Consult your national sales representative for exceptions and special section closing dates.



Cancellations must be submitted in writing and received prior to the closing date of the issue in which the ad was to be published. Advertisers will be liable for ad costs if cancellation policy is not followed. All Book of Lists ads are non-cancelable. Consult your national sales representative for exceptions.


Materials Required

The Business Journals are printed on news stock with non-heatset web offset newspaper presses. If material supplied by advertisers requires any conversion work, advertisers will be billed a production charge. Business Journals only accept electronic art. AdSend is available in most markets. Specifications: Adobe PDF, Adobe Photoshop 7+, Adobe Illustrator 10+, QuarkXpress 4+, .EPS / .JPG / .TIF /.SEA / .SIT/ .ZIP. Please include all fonts used by your file(s) unless they are converted to outlines embedded in the files. Photos should have a resolution of 300dpi at 100% of the intended reproduction size. Most color built in CMYK. Convert your RBG or PMS colors and/or images to CMYK before sending ad. Consult your sales representative for exact specifications by market and exceptions to required material.


Short Rates/Rebates

Contracts cancelled before completion or contracts that do not fulfill the contract frequency within a 12-month period will be short-rated at the earned rate. Contracts may be upgraded to a higher frequency any time during the contract year. Advertisers will earn lower rates for all ads placed after the contract frequency upgrade and prior to space deadline. No rebate will be given in any situation.


Payment and Credit Terms

Payment must accompany advertising insertions unless credit has been established with The Business Journals’ Credit Department in Charlotte, NC. Term of credit extension to advertisers is 30 days. Accounts extending beyond 90 days are subject to forfeiture of agency discount and could incur legal and collection fee charges if collection proceedings are necessary. All payments for advertising must be made to The Business Journals, 120 W. Morehead Street, 2nd Floor, Charlotte, NC 28202.


Shipping Instructions

Contracts and insertion orders should be sent to The Business Journals sales representative’s office. Send all production materials to each individual Business Journals office.