Each year The Business Journals conducts an extensive national survey among small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners and top management decision makers. Over 1,300 business executives participated in the 2017 survey, now in its 15th year. Respondents evaluate roughly 250 brands, a list that spans six major business categories: Finance/Insurance, Technology, Travel, Communications, Retail and Business Services.

In addition to the findings about brands and their equity, the study includes adjunct questions about the values, habits and attitudes of small and mid-sized business owners.





Monthly Market Knowledge Reports

InsightsFrequentTravelersOur research department actively queries the SMB segment through ongoing quantitative and
qualitative research studies, and offers a number of Knowledge Reports throughout the year that focus on:

1) Specific industries
2) Segmented SMB opportunities
3) Insights about current topical issues








Custom Client Research


Customized client studies round out our state-of-the-art coverage of the SMB market. The Business Journals research is acknowledged as an important resource for our clients.



SMB Business Forum Research

The Business Journals is now offering its client and advertising agency partners access to a turn-key quantitative research tool called The SBM Business Forum.




ad-effectiveness-researchAdvertising Effectiveness Research


The Business Journals is now offering an advertising effectiveness program to clients and advertising agencies.

This program offers a dual gold standard: The Business Journals audience of key decision markers and MRI Starch, the leading research supplier in ad effectiveness testing.





local-market-custom-researchLocal Market Custom Research


The Business Journals audience consists of key decision markers and high level business leaders in local markets across the country. You can take advantage of their insight and market savvy to answer critical marketing questions via our turn key, custom-research solution.








The Business Journals Subscriber Studies


Every three years The Business Journals conducts subscriber studies across all of its publication markets. In the 2017 update, more than 14,000 subscribers participated across 43 markets nationwide. Historically, our results have been exceedingly positive, with subscribers showing significant gains versus past surveys in areas such as household income, sales, net worth, investment portfolio size, etc. When compared to SMB owners nationwide, we have discovered that our subscribers are a cut above the market at large; they are substantially more affluent, successful, educated and run faster growing businesses.


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2017 Predictions for SMBs







The Business Journals Syndicated Research Prototype for MRI


The Business Journals audience prototypes are available for the latest release of MRI. The prototypes are created by NYC-based DJG Marketing, a recognized leader in the media field. For specific research analysis, please contact your national sales manager for more information.