Case Studies


Through our multiple platforms, The Business Journals provide national reach of business decision makers across the country. The Business Journals wide range of opportunities can help achieve your advertising goals and objectives. See how other advertisers have used The Business Journals to achieve results.

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Native Content Case Study: Marketing Services


An email service marketing provider looking to position their brand as a thought leader, while providing valuable tips and advice on their specific area of marketing expertise, has had tremendous success with The Business Journals.

The Business Journals’ ability to integrate native content into our news and offer new ad units and a variety of promotional and amplification tools while reaching their target audience has substantially deepened The Business Journals’ relationship with the advertiser.

Custom Event Case Study: Loan for Hire Business Series

Business owners and community leaders attended the Loan for Hire Business Series event where business growth strategies to help increase sales and get access to capital were discussed.
Keynote speaker Mark LeBlanc, author and national speaker, shared his expertise on the core issues business owners face every day. Attendees learned the street-smart strategies that help sell more products and services and refocus efforts to reach a new level of success.
The program successfully drew a crowd of top businesspeople; 77% were business owner/partner or management.

Contextual and Behavioral Targeting Case Study: Financial Services


A major financial services company looking to drive acquisitions of high-net worth individuals within a local news environment has had tremendous success with The Business Journals.
The Business Journals ability to behaviorally, contextually and geographically optimize their target audience has turned a $10K test budget into a six-figure budget in less than six months.
The client and agency have shared that we are one of the top-performing sites based on their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Custom Event Case Study: International Business Breakfasts

As part of an ongoing partnership, The Business Journals created custom Business Journal events for a financial client in key markets across the country.
All event content, logistics and attendees were developed between the client and The Business Journals.
The events, titled “International Business Breakfasts,” focus on providing attendees with an in-depth look at today’s global markets. The events also feature a panel of senior executives sharing their expertise on becoming successful in international markets.

Business Association Case Study: Specializing in Human Resources

The world’s largest association devoted to human resources looking to obtain new members and conference event sign-ups through a ROS campaign targeted to various states throughout the U.S.
The Business Journals ability to optimize their campaign in order to reach their target audience turned a $50K test into an immediate 20% ROI within two months.

Custom Event Case Study: Growth & Innovation Series

The Business Journals partnered to host five Business Banking custom events for a financial client, averaging 88 attendees per event.
These sponsorships provided our client the opportunity to target C-Level audiences in a highly engaging and interactive setting.

Case Study: Product Sampling

A beverage company and The Business Journals partnered for the Best Places to Work events in 15 markets.
The sponsorships provided the beverage company exposure to C-Level executives in a highly engaging and interactive setting and enabled them to showcase and sample their products to event attendees.